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Missouri Foxtrotter von der Rainbow Valley-Ranch

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a horse and that is pretty damn close!


Information for breeders

Taiowa for your breed

Taiowa is a purebred Missouri Foxtrotter stallion with registration at the MFTHBA (Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association) and the EMFTHA (European Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Association). He is the first stallion in Europe who passed the breeding examination of the EMFTHA.

Besides his perfect health and his gentle character, Taiowa trumps with a clean swab sample and perfect results in all 12 x-rays. His x-rays are used in universities to show that perfectly correct bones and joints still exist. On request we can send you his x-rays photographs.

The exact reports and swab sample results are available for mare owners.

Here are the results of the breeding examination, click on them to zoom in:

Taiowa is gold papered

He is also genetically tested on his color:

Taiowa is a homozygous black, which means he won’t sire sorrels or variations of sorrels.

With 15.3 hands he is one of the biggest stallions of his breed in Europe. Taiowa is strong build and muscular. In the shows 2008, 2009 and 2010 he got TOP scores from the US judges for his conformation and gaits.

His first 4 foals show exactly his characteristics and have a great conformation, good joints, natural gaits and his good mind.

Taiowa is breeding the mares free on the pasture.

Terms for breeding:

 •current swab sample

 •no shoes in the hind

 •causality insurance of the mare

 The lodging of the mare occurs as the owner wishes: stall or open stable with paddock. The lodging fee is 10€ per day including hay.

 We provide a life foal guarantee – breeding fee on request.