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Missouri Foxtrotter von der Rainbow Valley-Ranch

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a horse and that is pretty damn close!


Our breeding stallion

Taiowa, Missouri Foxtrotter breeding-stallion , homozygos black, born 27.04 2008, 15.3 hands
Owner: Noémie

We proudly present: Cherokee‘s Sunnyboy Taiowa

Cherokee’s Sunnyboy Taiowa – the heart of our breed.

His bloodlines go back to Mr. President, Morning Sun B., Ol. Perfection’s Smokey Cloud, Black Cloud C. and Toddy’s Perfection.

2008 Taiowa took place first in the model halter class weanlings – with 10 points more than the second. 2009 we won the model halter yearling against participants from Germany, Austria and France. In year 2010 he also won the model halter 2/3year old class – again with ten points more than the second.

We have Taiowa since he is a foal and now we can say that we are very pleased with his development. He grew up to a big and very strong build horse with natural gaits and a big frontend. He amazes with his gentle and calm character and is easy to handle in every situation. No matter if you ride him alone or in a group with geldings or mares, at home or in new terrain: he will always try to please and concentrate on his job.
Taiowa lives in a group with a part of his mares while the other mares live just next fence. So he is always used to mares no matter if bred or in heat – he doesn’t care.

His foals are a lot like him: strong body, short and strong back, beautiful head, natural gaits and a great character. He also passed his breeding examination (health, x-rays….) with an outstanding result: all his joints are just perfect and got a rating of 1 for each of it – in Germany this is the best possible and a very rare result.

If you like to get more information about him as a breeding stallion, please go to the page “Information for breeders”.

Flatwalk Foxtrott

September 2011:

June 2011:

easy walk

April 2011 - first training with saddle

February 2011

Autumn 2010

April 2010

Januar 2010

Taiowa one and a half year old


Taiowa - fife days old

3 month old