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Missouri Foxtrotter von der Rainbow Valley-Ranch

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a horse and that is pretty damn close!


Breeding concept

For me selection plays an important role in breeding. Also in the breed of the Missouri Foxtrotter are differences in character, temper, gait and ability for different use.

My goal is to breed the following type of Missouri Foxtrotter:

Our Foxtrotters are all very tough and healthy, with strong nerves, sensitive but not nervous. They have a tendency to throw a questioning look at you if they don’t understand something instead of acting in panic. They love to work and work with us in an inner quietness. They are no one-person-horses, but friendly, uncomplicated horses that can handle different riders. They are perfect horses for the western disciplines, trail riding and Extreme Trail. That all our horses show their gaits naturally and have a nice rhythm goes without saying. The focus of our breed lies on a special type of Missouri Foxtrotter: bold and confident horses with natural gaits and strong conformation.  

All our mare are not only broodmares, but also trained under saddle. We don’t see them as breeding machines and for that reason we only breed them every second year. This way they have a year to recover from the foal physically and mentally.

All our foals are DANN tested and have goldpapers of the MFTHBA, they are registered at the German FN and get dewormed and vaccinated regularly.

We care holistically for our horses; this includes hoof care, vet, tooth care, the nutrition and training. When they get sick we treat them homeopathically - if possible and nothing serious.

Beside the selection of our broodmares and stallion and the healthcare we also provide good and qualified training.

The warrantor for calm, confident, intelligent and healthy horses with good gaits is:

1. genetical disposition

2. general health

3.qualified training