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Missouri Foxtrotter von der Rainbow Valley-Ranch

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a horse and that is pretty damn close!


Missouri Foxtrotter Tie‘s lil Playboy

Playboy, Missouri Foxtrotter Gelding, Buckskin, born. 04.11 2004, 16 hands
Owner: Marc

Tie’s Lil Playboy – called Play:

Missouri Foxtrotter gelding born 2004, 16 hands high, Bucksin -owner Marc Pauwels

We own Play since 2008, he was our first Foxtrotter. Play is my Dad’s horse and teaches him how to ride. He is – as all our Foxtrotters – calm and gentle but he is also very sensitive and needs soft hands.

Play has a beautiful gold-shimmering coat and beautiful soft eyes!

 To ride one, is to own one ;-) !