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Missouri Foxtrotter von der Rainbow Valley-Ranch

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a horse and that is pretty damn close!


Missouri Foxtrotter Nanci’s Travelin Sunrise

Nanci, Missouri Foxtrotter Broodmare, Palomino, born 03.16 2006, 15 hands 
Owner: Madith

 My sister owns Nanci since Christmas 2009, she came to our place in summer 2010. She is a real princess with long blonde mane and mellow character. I started her under saddle when I was in Arizona and did many trails on her. Nanci is surefooted with natural gaits and great reach and rhythm. She also does bridleless riding.

On the way to the airport Nanci had a trailer accident and cut her left hind leg up to the bone: tendons, muscles and the fetlock were cut. It is a miracle that Nanci is still alive and recovered that well. She has no pain in the leg, we still ride her and she still has a correct Foxtrot without limping. Only in deep ground she tends to sprain her leg – this is why she is only broodmare and trailhorse at our place.

Nanci is in foal from Taiowa for april 2013.