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Missouri Foxtrotter von der Rainbow Valley-Ranch

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a horse and that is pretty damn close!


Missouri Foxtrotter Cascade's Rising Moonlight

Moony, Missouri Foxtrotte filly, bay, born 05.05 2012

Owner: Noémie Pauwels

Moony is Oakley’s 2012 foal and will stay with us.

Her father is Playboy’s Cascade Gold from Washington – so she is not related with Taiowa and will be a great addition for our breed one day.

Moony is a real young lady and reminds me a lot of Oakley: her mellow character and
her movements. Only her look reminds me more of her daddy Cascade.

Moony already knows how to lead, give hooves, how to load in a trailer and how to climb a platform.
I think she will give a great trailhorse and broodmare one day – we can be very
excited how she developes!

Watch her!