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Missouri Foxtrotter von der Rainbow Valley-Ranch

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a horse and that is pretty damn close!


Missouri Foxtrotter Chief's Mighty Oreo D.

Mighty, Missouri Foxtrotter gelding , Black-Tobiano, born 05.13 2007
15.3 hands
Owner: Judith

Mighty came to our place in 2009. We started him under saddle to be my Mum’s trailhorse. She is a more anxious rider and needs a confident horse: here he is. Mighty is a clown and will try to entertain you with everything he can get: ropes, poles, pylons but also keys, purses and all the things you don’t want to find in your horse’s mouth when you turn around.


Although Mighty is sensitive and doesn’t need much pressure. You can ride him bareback and bridleless. He does great in Extreme Mountain Trail and loves new challenges.