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Missouri Foxtrotter von der Rainbow Valley-Ranch

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a horse and that is pretty damn close!


About me

About the cowgirl

My name is Noémie Pauwels and here at Rainbow-Valley Ranch I am responsible for the training of our Foxtrotters.

At age of 14 I finished as youngest a schooling at a German Trail Riding Academy, riding  37 miles in two days –by myself only with a map and compass.


Then with 16 I got six months off from school to be an apprentice at Miller Ranch in Arizona. Here I focused at groundwork, colt starting and trail riding. I can look back on a nice time with trails in the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Flagstaff and the Sonoran Desert.


Noémie Pauwels

Back at home I wanted to bring more finesse into my groundwork and riding and started training with Johann Ollmann from Austria who is breeding and training Foxtrotters by the concept of Pat Parelli for 20 years.


   Hans OllmannHans Ollmann

 In Autumn 2010 I visited Arizona again. I spend my time with Simone from Dusty Spur Ranch and Stefanie from Big Sky Ranch. I focused also on colt starting this time.


2011, I came in contact with Extreme Trail and I was lucky to participate in one of the first clinics Mark Bolender gave in Germany and to translate for him at the first German Show. Since this I was visiting the Extreme Trail Park in Herbstein with our horses and my stallion for training.

2011: I finished a skilled work about colors in horse genetics. (In German)

Die Vererbung der Fellfarbe bei Pferden (PDF-Datei, 4,2 MB)

I continued in 2012 the Extreme Trail training, gave two clinics at the park in Herbstein and passed my judging exam from the German Extreme Trail Association.

The year ended with an apprenticeship at Bolender Horse Park in Washington. In this month I learned a lot about Mountain and Extreme Trail by the champion himself: Mark Bolender. The time gave me a great improvement in my horsemanship skills. Before I left, I got two beautiful certificates from Mark: one for training and one for judging Extreme- and Mountain Trail.

 June 2013: I finished my study at a special horse academy in Cologne.



 Noémie Pauwels, Member at the MFTHBA, EMFTHA, DWA, GETA and Savvy Club